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We use these platforms when we have news to share with our current and future residents, as well as their family members. Please be sure to check our blog and Facebook page frequently for the latest news, announcements and accolades from Springwell Senior Living.

Springwell’s Traditional Bread Stuffing Recipe

It’s National Stuffing Day!

Dining Director Chris Coil Shares Traditional Bread Stuffing Recipe

At Springwell Senior Living, the dining room is a place for bringing great people — and great food — together! This is especially true on holidays and special occasions. That’s why, in honor of National Stuffing Day and Thanksgiving week, we’re sharing our traditional bread stuffing recipe, prepared by Chris Coil, Director of Dining Services. Bon appetit!

Springwell Stuffing recipe (1)

Our senior living community is designed so residents can easily access and enjoy delicious meals with others. The daily interactions between our staff, residents, and guests in the dining room often lead to friendship and are key to creating lasting memories. We believe good company mixed with good food help support a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Chris plays a large part in building these relationships. With a carefully planned menu and always a smile on his face, he knows how to provide high quality food and service to residents and delights in hosting their families at Springwell’s regular Family & Friends events.

An innovative culinarian with 18 years of experience, Chris started as a Sous Chef and successfully progressed into other roles such as Chef, Cook Supervisor, Corporate Trainer and Assistant Dining Director. His extensive background has allowed him to work with numerous Chefs and Line Cooks on recipe consistency, food preparation and plate presentation.

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, we hope you get to try this new recipe with friends and loved ones. Happy National Stuffing Day!

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Sunrise to Sunset: The Homestead Construction Update

Sunrise to Sunset- The Homestead Update

The Homestead construction update provided by resident and Springwell’s official historian Frank Simmonds.

2017-09-13 20.00.33

Let’s take another look at Homestead Section A as seen from Springwell. It was constructed on a hillside, the front of the building is at the bottom of the hill facing away from Springwell, the back faces Springwell. In order to lay a level foundation, part of the hillside was excavated a depth of 12 feet. Masons used this space when working on the foundation and walls. They built a long first floor wall with no windows in back, for a loading dock, storage, maintenance equipment, electrical equipment, etc., areas that don’t need windows. Apartments will be in the front of Section A.

The bare block wall was waterproofed because dirt would be packed against it. A black waterproof covering was pasted to the wall, a 2 inch thick layer of white Styrofoam was glued on top of that, followed by another black waterproof covering. The Styrofoam is porous and traps moisture which drains to the bottom and out, keeping the interior of the wall dry. When waterproofing was done, masons no longer needed space to work on the wall, dirt was trucked in and dumped against it. The soil level was raised 12 feet to below door sills, giving second floor resident’s patios and the feeling of a yard.


The roof structure of Section A was completed, shingles attached, windows and doors installed giving the building a home-like appearance. There are single windows and side-by-side single windows; no big single pane windows that would be difficult for Senior Citizens to open and close. Patios will be poured for these second floor residents while third and fourth floors will have balconies.


The construction of Section B is progressing quickly, that is where the front door, offices, lounge, dining room, exercise room, aerobics room, library and apartments will be. Parts of Section B and C have window-less walls and will be waterproofed the same as Section A. Section B will have two distinct areas, the Courtyard and the Patio. They will be constructed close to the Springwell building and will keep us watching and wondering as they are being built.

Photos courtesy of Ernie Imhoff.

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A Partners-in-Care Health Fair “Partnering with Physicians to Achieve Your Best Health”

Springwell Senior Living Presents

A Partners-in-Care Health Fair

“Partnering with Physicians to Achieve Your Best Health”

Wednesday, October 18th from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

in the Springwell Chapel & Lobby


At Springwell Senior Living, we have a unique Partners-in-Care network which offers a comprehensive menu of a-la-carte health care support to respond to the needs of our residents. Services are delivered on-site by practitioners we’ve identified as some of the finest available in the Baltimore community.

Come and meet them here at Springwell in a relaxed atmosphere on October 18th! Phil Golden, Springwell’s Executive Director, will host a brief panel discussion with Springwell’s Medical Director and board-certified specialists from the LifeBridge Health Physician Network to include a cardiologist, neurologist, geriatric surgeon and nurse practitioner.

Also, be sure to visit information tables hosted by our Partners-in-Care providers, including:

  • Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy
  • Physician Services
  • Behavioral Health
  • Podiatry
  • Memory Care
  • Optometry
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Springwell Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Dermatology
  • Audiology
  • Private Duty Home Care
  • Hospice
  • Geriatric/Life Care Management

Seating is limited. We hope to see you there!

Please RSVP via email or call 410-664-4006.




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Making the Move!

Springwell Senior Living Presents
“Making the Move”
With special guest Bob Lucido,
Realtor and President of the Bob Lucido Team of Keller Williams Integrity

Friday, October 20 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
Mt. Washington Tavern – Lunch will be provided.
5700 Newberry Street, Baltimore, MD 21209

Please RSVP to 410-664-4006 by October 13 to reserve your spot!

You’ve done all of your research and decided the time is right to make the move into a senior living community, so what comes next? How can you make the home selling process less stressful? What should you be doing right now to prepare for your move?

Special guest Bob Lucido will present “How to Sell Your Home in Four Steps” – his proven method to selling your home quickly and for top value. He will also provide a free market analysis of your home at the event for all registered guests!

Lucido is a Realtor and President of the Bob Lucido Team of Keller Williams Integrity, a trusted team of local real estate experts. From setting the price to creating marketing campaigns for traditional media and Web, they’ve got a proven plan that will match your home with the right buyers for the right price. They are committed to fast, professional and courteous personal service to help you understand and feel at ease throughout the home selling process. The Bob Lucido Team’s trained and certified agents specialize in the Maryland real estate market and are prepared to sell your home to the right buyer for the best price.

Phil Golden, Principal and Director at Springwell, will introduce Bob Lucido and also present information on the only new Independent Living Retirement Community in Baltimore – The Homestead, scheduled to open in summer 2018 on the Springwell campus in Mt. Washington. Learn more here

We hope to see you there!



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The Homestead Construction Update

The Homestead Construction Update: September 2017

The Homestead construction update provided by resident and Springwell’s official historian Frank Simmonds.

Looking from the veranda, the color has changed from grass green to a shade of red. More than a month was spent leveling the ground before building of The Homestead could begin. Less exciting to see, but equally important, was the burying of pipes for drainage, water, gas, electricity and a sewer system and it seemed to be happening everywhere and going on forever. Stair and elevator towers popped up helter-skelter. Foundations for walls were dug, steel rebar reinforcement rods were laid in the excavations and covered with concrete and when dried, masons laid concrete blocks. That was our first clue of the layout of apartments in Section A.

The Homestead Baltimores Newest Senior Living Community Springwell Senior Living 5

Inside the walls the ground was compacted, covered with crushed stone, a heavy plastic sheet, and big flat steel re-bar frames, all to strengthen a concrete floor. After the floor was poured and dry, erection of the walls began. Every operation was so well choreographed! Carpenters had many sizes of pre-cut lumber they used to assemble walls flat on the floor, sort of like legos. Several men raised each completed wall and braced it in its proper position. Another wall was built, set in place, then another, and another. Outer and inner walls could now support the weight of manufactured, super strong floor joints called I-beams. After I-beams were placed, plywood was laid and carpenters had a surface on which they could do interior construction. As the building grew taller with additional floors, patches of red colored panels appeared on the exterior. The panels, manufactured of wood chips glued together, are very strong and durable, 5/8 inch thick used for siding and flooring. They are waterproof and breeze proof, and to make them more so, black adhesive strips cover every exterior seam.

The Homestead Baltimores Newest Senior Living Community Springwell Senior Living 2

The Homestead, four floors high, needed a roof and a very tall crane came to the rescue. It lifted prefabricated roof rafters to carpenters waiting to nail them in place and one after another, the rafters turned into a ridged roof about 145 feet long, the width of four apartments. The rafters were covered with 5/8 inch ply-wood. Three more ridged roofs each about 50 feet wide were built on top of the first roof but turned 90 degrees. The roofs on a roof, can easily be seen from the veranda and the Overlook Sunroom. The entire roof was covered with heavy felt waterproof roofing material, stapled in place, ready to be covered with shingles to match those on the Carriage House.

The Homestead Baltimores Newest Senior Living Community Springwell Senior Living 4

The Section A apartment building has many openings in its sides; the square ones are for windows, the taller slender ones are for doors. Where you see door openings, some day there will be patios or balconies below them. Construction of Section B is underway. The Homestead entrance, lounge, offices, recreation rooms, apartments, and utility rooms will be housed within. Steel beams have been erected and several walls have been assembled and set up-right. With its unique construction, this project should be very interesting to watch.

Photos courtesy of Ernie Imhoff.

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