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Springwell Assisted Living Baltimore, MD

Assisted living services at Springwell allow residents to maintain some level of independence, with help available for those who require support with some or all day-to-day functions and activities. Those residing in one of our assisted living units also have peace of mind that medical care and attention can be available on an ongoing basis or urgently, if and when it's needed. Springwell employs licensed nurses, with staff scheduled around the clock, to provide clinical expertise for our residents, any time of day or night.

Additionally, Springwell has established a unique Partners in Care Program, designed to offer health related services, delivered by select practitioners. Through this provider network, Springwell has identified some of the finest resources available in the Baltimore community. They range from on-site rehabilitation therapy to the availability of board-certified geriatricians, psychologists, dentists, podiatrists, dermatologists, home healthcare, skilled nursing centers and other services.

We take pride in the fact that each resident who relies on Springwell for assisted living services is provided a personalized care plan – one that is determined by their specific lifestyle and interests, needs for support in day-to-day living, and health conditions that require oversight. Springwell is licensed to provide the highest level of assisted living care in Baltimore and is known for our commitment to accommodating each resident based on his or her individual needs and preferences.

We encourage all assisted living residents to stay active, taking part in the wide range of social, educational, spiritual and health oriented activities events that are part of our monthly calendar.

Partners in Care (PIC)

From time to time residents may require more services than can be provided by Springwell's on-site staff. Partners in Care (PIC) is a unique program designed to provide access to a broad and comprehensive range of personal and health related services from select affiliated community healthcare organizations. Through its preferred provider network, Springwell has identified some of the finest services and resources available in the community ranging from Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy, to Geriatric Specialists, Home Health Care and Nursing Facilities. The PIC program offers a comprehensive menu of a la carte health care support to respond to the various and unique needs of residents.

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Our Features

  • Meals served in the Sherwood Dining Room or Terrace Grille
  • Available room service
  • Concierge
  • Wellness Spa & Fitness Center
  • Housekeeping services
  • Community shuttle services & transportation
  • Laundry/Linen service
  • Daily trash removal
  • Recreational, social & therapeutic Activities
  • Outside entertainment & educational programs
  • Nutritional monitoring and counseling
  • Social work and pastoral counseling services
  • The Wesley Chapel
  • 24-Hour security
  • Business Center
  • Flower & vegetable gardens
  • On-campus walking paths
  • Respite Care