Springwell Senior Living is working to keep residents, visitors and staff safe from coronavirus.

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It seems like a lifetime ago when “social distancing” wasn’t a phrase you heard regularly.  Back then you could leave your home unmasked and easily buy hand sanitizer at the store. Life is very different than when we started 2020 and, as I said in my last blog, COVID-19 has impacted much about the way we operate at Springwell. As a senior care community caring for an at-risk population, there is nothing more important to us than the health and safety of our residents & staff.  We know when a resident or their family chooses Springwell, we become an extension of their family – assisting with everyday care, socialization and sometimes medical needs. We know this has been a stressful time for families and we have worked hard to help ensure Springwell is a safe haven for residents.We are thrilled and encouraged by all the positive feedback we have received as our team responds to COVID-19 with increased safety precautions, balancing the emotional health of residents and communicating regularly with our extended community. I’d like to share a quick one-minute video we recently put together featuring residents and their families discussing life at Springwell during the pandemic.

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